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Welcome TO Spring Fields British Nursery

We extend a warm welcome to Spring Fields British Nursery . We at Spring Fields feel very proud to sow the seeds of wisdom, for your children to have a natural growth all through their Educational Journey.

Spring Fields offers a universally accepted Early Years Foundation Stage Program of the British Curriculum. At Spring Fields, the enriched EYFS Curriculum, specifically designed to meet the needs of the children is delivered in a caring, loving, safe and stimulating atmosphere. As we understand that the foundation of the successful future is based on learning experiences of the children in the Early years, we focus on the development of each child’s Cognitive, Social, Physical and Intellectual skills. The EYFS Program at Spring Fields, provides an exciting and wonderful learning experiences and opportunities, as appropriate to each child’s needs to experiment, explore and learn, paving way for a Holistic Education. We assure that your child will have the best possible start at Spring Fields, as we prepare your child for a smooth transition from Nursery to School.


It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.

-Ann Landers

Play Ground

Spring Fields British Nursery has a vast playground with shaded area for the outdoor play. The beautiful play ground that is equipped with play materials that are suitable for the safe play of children.

'SAFETY' is priority of Spring Fields British Nursery. The ground designed with Rubber sheets and the corners with Foam corners to protect the kids from getting hurt, while playing.


Smart Board

Spring Fields British Nursery launches the Interactive Smart Board as part of our Technology Integrated Curriculum.

This is meant for our nursery kids to have first experience on reading, counting, writing and researching with their teacher’s supervision in using this high end instructional tool for learning.

Be a part of our growing community of super kids and share with us the learning experience.


Aero space

Young children are on a journey to discover the universe around them at Spring Fields Aerospace station. Specially designed Aerospace Station at Spring Fields British Nursery is a unique place to benefit the children’s boundless appetite for discovery and to stimulate the development of some of their core thinking skills.

The Aerospace station will provide opportunity to make sure discovering the stars and the universe is the rewarding journey it promises to be. The colorful outer space set up will encourage the child to proceed with questions, and to stimulate reasoning.


Water Play

The greatest attraction is the Spring Fields Water Play. The Water Play is carefully designed, keeping in mind, all safety and health measures.

water Play

Sand Play

One of the most essential tools for child development. Sand/water table supports the whole child in developing skills necessary for learning and life. Cognitive Sensory, Social, Speech and Language, and Physical-motor development.


Gardening Area

One of the objectives of our program is the social , physical and emotional development of the child. Our gardening area supports environmental awareness of the child’s discovery and understanding of the life cycle of the living things around him.


Library Area

The numbers of books in line for Spring Fields kids are selected based on the EYFS Seven Areas of Learning to respond to the inquisitive minds of our learners.


Infants Section

This is the section where the infants beginning three months onwards find a second home. The supervised day care facilities of the Spring Fields Daycare Section were specially designed for the infant’s sensitive environment.


Junior gym

The British Nursery has attractive Junior Gym. Scheduled fitness classes for the kid focusing on healthy physique, is an advantage of Spring fields.



The Spring fields campus and classrooms are monitored by CCTV to ensure safety of the children.


Tran sport

Spring Fields has an excellent Bus facility. The Buses are equipped with CCTV and GPS. Students are accompanied by a female Bus Supervisor.


Safe Entrance

All people entering in the British Nursery are monitored. The entry is permitted only after producing the valid identity card. The entrance gate is operated with electronic switch to avoid intruders and to avoid children reaching the gates.

Safe entrance

Techno logy

At Spring Fields children (2 to 4 years) are given access to I-PADS to facilitate technology integrated learning . Each class is equipped with Audio-Visual equipment to promote joyful and modern learning.


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